In the heart of Luton, a delightfully refreshing trend has taken over the beverage scene, captivating the taste buds of locals and visitors alike. Bubble tea, a drink that originated in Taiwan and has rapidly gained popularity worldwide, has found its own special place in our vibrant town. Let’s take a sip-by-sip journey through some of Luton’s top bubble tea spots, shall we?


Mooboo Bubble Tea is your passport to Taiwan’s bubble tea realm, right in Luton. With ingredients shipped from Taiwan, each sip is an authentic adventure. Mooboo stands out with its mouth-watering ‘specials’ that redefine flavour. What’s the secret? Personalization. You call the shots on sweetness levels. And don’t miss their star of the show, the “crème brulee” – which we can only describe as a dessert dream in a cup.

Mooboo Luton, 38 George Street, Luton LU1 2AZ

Bubble CiTea

Step into the world of Bubble CiTea, a British brand blending Taiwanese tea tradition with local innovation. With each sip, you’re savouring their unique approach to bubble tea, tailored to both tradition and local tastes.

What’s the magic? Seasonal recipes that adapt to your cravings, and the freedom to mix fruit and milk teas with a variety of toppings. Whether you’re in the mood for creamy comforts or fruity bursts, Bubble CiTea’s got the flavours to suit every palate. So, when you’re at The Mall, make a beeline for Bubble CiTea.

Bubble CiTea, The Mall, Luton LU1 2TL


Bubbleology isn’t just about bubble tea; it’s a playground for flavours. Explore milk and fruit teas, delicious specials, and their unique fizzy bubbles (that’s carbonated bubble tea for the newbies).

Looking for lighter sips? Bubbleology’s guilt-free light versions are made with Soya Milk. Plus, get ready for their Loyalty Card – pick one up in-store and activate online. Every 10th drink? It’s on the house!

Bubbleology, 46 George Street, Bedfordshire, Luton LU1 2AZ

Boba and Beyond

Nestled within the bustling heart of Bury Park, Boba and Beyond stands as a treasured favourite among locals. Tucked away along Selbourne Road, this hidden gem invites you to embark on a flavour journey that transports you to tropical havens to – ever tried blueberry cheesecake bubble tea? Now you can. And that’s not all; indulge your taste buds further with their delicious bubble waffles, the perfect pairing to your boba bubbles.

Boba and Beyond, 4 Selbourne Road, Maidenhall, Luton LU4 8LP

So, next time you stroll through Luton’s streets, make sure to pause, sip, and indulge in the creative wonders of bubble tea right here in Luton.

About the Author
Laura Redmond

Laura is a passionate supporter of the Step Forward Luton campaign and a Place Activation and Marketing Coordinator for Luton Council. Armed with a journalism degree and unwavering love for her university town, she often pens positive blogs that spotlights the best of Luton. From charity work to market management, Laura's professional journey has explored every corner of Luton. And when she's not busy being a marketing maven, she's out on a culinary adventure, unearthing the town's hidden foodie gems.