Luton is one of the oldest towns in Bedfordshire and has a rich and eclectic history.

Luton has a passionate, bold ambition and a renegade spirit from our working-class, industrial heritage.

Forthright and willing to challenge

Our history is full of revolution and outspoken voices demanding more for its citizens. Today, we’re united in a worthy aim to genuinely tackle inequalities and build a prosperous town for everyone.

Luton, a town of makers

Luton or ‘Loitone’ as it was known in the Domesday Book was already well established in the 11th century.

Lutonians have a long and proud history of making and inventing. By the 16th century, clay pits around the town supported the town’s brick-making industry with farms providing malt for the brewing industry.

Straw plaiting started late in the 17th century laying the foundations for Luton’s famous hat making.

Car manufacturing and engineering arrived in the 20th century and between the wars, Luton was a boom town attracting workers from across the country.

Our town reinvents and adapts as industries come and go and entrepreneurs and businesses master new technologies.
Mavericks and rule-breakers

Our famous maverick spirit remains to this day.

Outspoken and forthright, Lutonians have always had each other’s backs. The 1919 Peace Day Riots demanded fair integration for returning soldiers.

Lutonians have never stood by and let things happen to us. We step forward and shape our own future.

Capitalising on the town’s sense of purpose, Luton 2040 is a bold statement of intent to build a fair, sustainable place where everyone in the town can thrive, and no-one has to live in poverty.

This is a town that demands more for its people and has a bold ambition to build a prosperous place for everyone.
Stepping forward

Loyalty to the town is evident on match days and the cheers echoing from Kenilworth Road, but also in a quiet determination to do right by the town.

Over the years, Luton’s communities have come together to celebrate the diversity that is our strength, whether it is in the stands at Luton Town FC or at the colourful Luton International Carnival. We are united by a pride for the town and a sense of belonging.

Lutonians won’t be knocked. It’s this resilience that drives the town to reinvent and forge its own prosperous path.

We step forward and come to our town’s defence.