Hey there, Luton foodies! We have exciting news – Luton Indoor Market has finally got its Italian fix. Seriously, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been dreaming of authentic Italian goodness in our beloved market, and guess what? Dreams do come true! We’re now spoiled with the real deal, thanks to new foodie spot – La Taverna.

Run by husband and wife duo, Vanessa and Jorge, La Taverna is all about bringing the fresh flavours of Italy to our town without burning a hole in your pocket.

Honestly, it’s a bit baffling how this gem escaped us for so long. But the moment it landed on our radar, we knew we couldn’t resist giving it a go.

As we stepped into La Taverna, we were welcomed with the warmest greetings and engaged in a delightful chat about how Vanessa and Jorge found themselves at the heart of Luton Indoor Market. The couple’s journey began with a leap across borders, landing them in the UK with a mission to dive into the rich tapestry of multiculturalism and infuse it with their distinctive Italian and Latin American heritage.

“In Luton, we explored diverse cuisines, but noticed limited affordable options for Italian food. Inspired by the cultural melting pot at Luton Market, we asked ourselves: ‘Why not bring affordable, homemade Italian meals to those who can’t splurge on higher-priced restaurants?”

Vanessa, Owner, La Taverna

But what about the food, you ask? Well think customisable pasta with all your traditional Italian toppings and cheeses galore. Paninis? Yep, loaded with legit Italian meats. And wait for it—homemade Tiramisu and Panna Cotta that’ll have you coming back for seconds. The variety is truly impressive; there’s so much more to try.

But the thing that really caught our eye was the Cuzzetiello – think rustic bread stuffed with epic Italian meals. It’s like a foodie trip to Italy, right here in Luton.

So, next time you’re wandering around Luton Indoor Market, swing by La Taverna and let the Italian feast begin!

La Taverna, The Mall, Market Hall, Luton LU1 2TA

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Laura Redmond

Laura is a passionate supporter of the Step Forward Luton campaign and a Place Activation and Marketing Coordinator for Luton Council. Armed with a journalism degree and unwavering love for her university town, she often pens positive blogs that spotlights the best of Luton. From charity work to market management, Laura's professional journey has explored every corner of Luton. And when she's not busy being a marketing maven, she's out on a culinary adventure, unearthing the town's hidden foodie gems.