Nestled on Old Bedford Road, Bide-a-While is a hidden gem in Luton. This small ornamental garden offers a peaceful escape.

Created in the 1920s by George Farr, a local garden centre founder, Bide-a-While has evolved from allotments into a charming green space. At just 0.5 hectares, it packs in mature trees, well-kept lawns, and seasonal plantings. In spring, you’ll find it bursting with colour as daffodils bloom and blossom trees come to life.

The garden provides ideal spots for picnics and quiet reflection. A small orchard adds character, while a back gate offers access to the River Lea for those fancying a stroll by the River Lea.

Cycling fans will be pleased to know the garden connects to the National Cycle Network.

If you’re looking for a quiet spot in town, Bide-a-While is worth a visit. It’s a nice place to catch your breath and enjoy some green space right here in Luton.

Where to find: New Bedford Road, Luton.