Fancy a nice walk with a view? Pop over to Dallow Downs! It’s packed with all sorts of nature and perfect for a bit of wildlife spotting.

The chalk downs here are pretty special – they’re even classed as a County Wildlife Site. You’ll spot hawthorn, gelder rose, and wild cherry trees dotted about, which bring in all kinds of birds and bugs.

History enthusiasts will be interested to know that in the last century, the Downs were said to have been used for grazing sheep, with shepherds watching over their flocks.

Want a top tip? Head up to the hills for a stunning view over Luton. It’s an excellent pot to watch the sun go down.

If you’re feeling some shade, have a nosey around Runley Woods at the corner of the downs.

Where to find: Dallow Rd, Luton LU1 1NX