Limbury Mead is a great local spot for a walk along the River Lea in the North Luton area. It’s a green corridor that’s important for its history, landscape, and wildlife.

The riverside path is perfect for wildlife watching year-round. Keep an eye out for herons, and if you’re fortunate, you might spot a kingfisher – they’re rare, but they’re here!

This area used to be part of old Limbury, once a small hamlet of farms and cottages. The old meadows along the river are a nice reminder of those times. Mead Farm, just west of Icknield Way, was the last working farm, with livestock until the 1950s.

You’ll see plenty of birds here. There are the usual garden visitors like robins and blackbirds, plus ducks and moorhens by the water. Sometimes you might even see buzzards or sparrowhawks flying over.

If you’re observant, you could spot water voles. They’re protected and live along the river banks. Look for their round noses and furry tails.

In the river, you might see three-spined sticklebacks swimming about. We’re also seeing more butterflies in the area lately.

Where to find: Luton LU3 2PT