Someries Castle

Looking to veer off the beaten path and discover something truly unique? Look no further than Someries Castle, a hidden gem tucked away on the outskirts of Luton.

Tucked away in a farm field within sight of Luton Airport, this medieval marvel is anything but ordinary. Despite its name, Someries Castle is not a traditional castle but a remarkable 15th-century residence, constructed entirely out of brick. In fact, it’s reportedly one of the first brick built residential houses in England.

Someries Castle adapts its name from William de Someries, whose manor resided on this site around the 13th Century. The place was bought by the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire Sir John Wenlock in 1430, after he began rebuilding the mansion to his preferences.

But alas, dear friends, this tale takes a sombre turn. Just as the castle was on the cusp of completion, tragedy struck! Sir John Wenlock met his untimely end on the battlefield, leaving the castle frozen in time, and brimming with untapped potential. Presently, the castle provides a perfect picnic spot for families and a chance to view the remains of the gatehouse, chapel, and lodge.

Visitors have also claimed that Someries Castle is haunted, making the site all the more intriguing. In fact, legends has it that Sir John Wenlock’s ghost haunts the ruins of the Castle. Visitors have reported strange noises from the chapel and the gatehouse. One theory is that Sir John haunts the Castle because he was never able to finish it in his lifetime.

Hop in your car and use one of the small number of parking spaces at the castle, or opt for a charming stroll through the fields via Someries Arch road.

Entry: Free

Where to find: 81 Someries Cottages, Luton LU2 9PL