Warden & Galley Hills Nature Reserve was Luton’s first nature reserve and provides visitors with a perfect place to enjoy a walk.

The chalk downland supports a huge variety of wild flowers and these attract rare insects and over 20 species of butterflies.

History enthusiasts can explore “Drays Ditches” at the base of Warden Hill, originally dug in the Bronze Age as tribal boundaries. Later, in the Iron Age, these were built up as a way to control traffic along the Icknield Way.

Near the top of Galley Hill two Bronze Age barrows can still be found. These were excavated in the 1960s and the remains of 14 burials were found in the largest barrow. In the Middle Ages a gallows was built on top of one of the barrows to be used for public executions.

The hills offer stunning views over Luton, making it a popular spot for locals to watch the sunset and take in the sights of our town.

Where to find: Warden & Galley Hills Nature Reserve, LU2 7AJ