Big news is on the horizon! Our very first networking event is just around the corner and we’re calling upon the Luton community to come along, get involved, and champion our town.

Get ready to mark your calendars because the Step Forward Luton Network event is happening on Wednesday, November 1st. And guess what? It’s open to everyone in our fantastic Luton community who’s eager to unite and celebrate everything that makes our town special.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to grab a chat with existing Ambassadors and can even apply to become an Ambassador yourself, helping to lead the charge in promoting Luton in a positive light.

Ambassadors celebrating the launch event of Step Forward Luton

But don’t worry if you want to take a smaller leap in supporting our brand. You can explore what it means to be a Champion and uncover the countless ways you can speak up for our town and be the ultimate cheerleader for Luton!

“For too long Luton has been plagued by unfair misconceptions. Step Forward Luton wants to challenge the narrative and show that actually, Luton has lots going for it!

After a fantastic launch, we’re eager to welcome more community members to join us. The more of us that unite, celebrate Luton, and spotlight its uniqueness, the greater impact we can achieve,”

Kevin Poulton, Luton Ambassador

And with the national and international spotlight on Luton following Luton Town Football Club’s promotion to the Premier League, we’ve probably never had a better time to showcase Luton, as Ambassador Hannan Ali knows.

“This really is Luton’s moment. As a community, let’s come together and show the world what Luton is truly about. Together, we can make a lasting impact and shape a vibrant future for everyone in Luton.”

Hannan Ali, Luton Ambassador

Did we mention there’ll be light refreshments? Giving you the chance to network and connect with fellow Luton enthusiasts over a cuppa.

Free tickets are now available for The Step Forward Luton Network event, at The Luton Sixth Form College on 1 November from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

To book your free ticket, go to

About the Author
Laura Redmond

Laura is a passionate supporter of the Step Forward Luton campaign and a Place Activation and Marketing Coordinator. Armed with a journalism degree and unwavering love for her university town, she believes there's more to Luton that meets the eye. From charity work to market management, Laura's professional journey has explored every corner of Luton. When she's not busy being a marketing maven, she's lacing up her walking shoes to explore the town's green spaces or unearthing Luton's hidden foodie gems.