Nestled in the heart of Luton’s town centre’s back streets, Vinyl Revelations has been a beacon for music lovers for three decades. This year, the shop celebrates its 30th anniversary, so we popped in to find out more about their incredible journey.

Andy, the owner of Vinyl Revelations, started his journey in the Luton indoor market back in 1994. From there, the shop moved around the town centre, finding homes on Park Street, Cardigan Street, and finally settling in at 59 Cheapside. Andy’s passion for music began at a young age, and his love for music was so strong, that he eventually chose records over football.

When we asked Andy what was the first record he ever bought for himself, he said: “Sex Pistols’ ‘Come On Everybody’. I was obsessed with the record. And I loved the thrill of the needle hitting the record, and I still do.”

But how did Andy get into selling records? “I started selling so I could buy records for my own collection. Everything I earned, I went out and bought records,” he explains.

“The first record I ever bought to sell was from a little second-hand shop in Shepherd’s Bush,” Andy recalls. “The Specials’ first LP had just come out, and I saw it sitting there for £1.50. I thought, ‘I could sell that at school on Monday for £2.50 or £3,’ and that’s what I did.”

From that moment on, Andy knew he wanted to have his own record shop. He worked hard to make his dream a reality, even working as the stadium manager at Luton Town Football Club when they were in the top division. But eventually, the call of the records was too strong to ignore.

When asked about the secret to Vinyl Revelations’ longevity, Andy doesn’t hesitate: “Adaptability.”

Over the years, the shop has evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers, selling posters and merchandise alongside the records. And now, with a new generation of music lovers discovering the joys of vinyl, the shop is thriving once again.

vinyl revelations luton

But what makes records so special? Andy believes it’s the same as a reading a hardback book – genuine music lovers want to listen from a physical item.

“Records are ageless,” he says. “Our shop is a hub of community music lovers. We get 12-year-old school kids and people who are right into their 80s. You’ll get a 15-year-old who’s into drum and bass talking to someone much older who’s into jazz. Then they’ll start talking about drums and breaks. All of music links, so everyone can be part of it.”

vinyl revelations luton

It’s this sense of community and discovery that makes Vinyl Revelations so special. As Andy puts it, “It’s a lovely feeling when you hear people discovering new genres of music in the shop. I start the conversation and let things flow between people. When people are passionate about music, it gives me a thrill just to hear it.”

But the music doesn’t stop there – Vinyl Revelations also hosts their own highly anticipated music events in Luton, which are known to sell out quickly! Visit their Facebook page to see what events they’ve got coming up.

More topically, the shop has also just started selling Luton’s own edition of Monopoly after the location made it onto the board itself – a fitting tribute to Vinyl Revelations’ status as a true gem in the heart of Luton.

Visit Vinyl Revelations at 59 Cheapside, Luton, LU1 2HN. 

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