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We believe in Luton

Our ambassadors are at the forefront of Step Forward Luton, using their influential voices to celebrate the town and passionately lead the way in defending its reputation.

Meet the team

Discover the driving force behind Step Forward Luton – the voices shouting out for the town and committed to making Luton a place that everyone can be proud of.

Become an ambassador

We welcome enthusiastic individuals from all different backgrounds and varying levels of experience, all united by a shared passion for Luton.

As an ambassador you can:

  • Host or organise new events under the banner of Step Forward Luton or carry the place brand on your existing events
  • Lead the chorus on social media channels – speaking up for Luton and sharing all of the positive things you see happening in our town every day
  • Become a guest editor for the Step Forward Luton website, print or social media
  • Start a Step Forward Luton podcast
  • Lead campaigns in the community such as art initiatives and clean-ups
  • Organise Step Forward Luton competitions
  • Represent Step Forward Luton in local and national press interviews

We’re welcoming more fabulous folks into our ambassador family.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, please complete our form below.

Step forward for Luton

Whether you’re a proud Lutonian, a local business, or part of an organisation, find out how you can get involved in the Step Forward Luton journey.