In a proud moment for Luton, our very own Step Forward Luton Ambassador Hannan Ali has been appointed as Deputy Lieutenant of Bedfordshire.

In a historic move – he’s believed to be the youngest person ever to hold this prestigious position in the county of Bedfordshire.

As Deputy Lieutenant, Hannan will assist His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, Mrs. Susan Lousada, with a range of important duties. These include arranging royal visits, presenting awards on behalf of the King, and engaging with communities across Bedfordshire.

“I’m deeply honoured to take on this role. As a proud Lutonian, I’m looking forward to meeting people from all corners of our county and showcasing what makes Bedfordshire special.”

Hannan Ali, Deputy Lieutenant

For those of you wondering what a Deputy Lieutenant does, it’s a pretty big deal.  They were created to support the Lord-Lieutenant, whose role goes way back to the days of Henry VIII and is the King’s personal representative in the county. Hannan will be helping to celebrate everything that makes Luton and Bedfordshire great – from our diverse communities to our rich history.

But let’s be honest, what we’re really excited about is seeing one of our own recognised. Hannan’s already done Luton proud as a Step Forward Ambassador, and is now set to bring his community dedication to a country-wide stage.

hannan ali

“Hannan’s appointment as a Deputy Lieutenant will bring a wealth of knowledge of the charity sector to the Bedfordshire Lieutenancy and he has shown outstanding dedication to so many aspects of Luton Community. Hannan’s enthusiasm, awareness and commitment will be an immense asset.

I also greatly value Hannan‘s work within the youth sector both locally and nationally. Being one of the youngest ever deputies appointed in the county will strengthen the Lieutenancy’s connection with younger people.

I am so pleased that he accepted this role and I look forward to working with him in Bedfordshire, in our communities and for our communities.”

Susan Lousada, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire

Residents might spot Hannan out and about in his new capacity, whether he’s attending official functions or engaging with local initiatives. Here’s hoping his appointment is an inspiration to young people across Luton and it serves as a reminder that great things can happen in Luton.

We’re proud to see a Lutonian taking on this important role, and we’re confident Hannan will do us proud!

About the Author
Laura Redmond

Laura is a passionate supporter of the Step Forward Luton campaign and a Place Activation and Marketing Coordinator. Armed with a journalism degree and unwavering love for her university town, she believes there's more to Luton that meets the eye. From charity work to market management, Laura's professional journey has explored every corner of Luton. When she's not busy being a marketing maven, she's lacing up her walking shoes to explore the town's green spaces or unearthing Luton's hidden foodie gems.