Guess what? The curtain’s up, and the spotlight’s on! Local residents, charity/voluntary workers, businesses, academics and sporting personalities have joined forces to unveil a new place brand for Luton: Step Forward Luton.

With national and international spotlight on Luton and the town buzzing with excitement following Luton Town FC securing Premier League status, it’s the perfect time for Step Forward Luton to take centre stage. The new overarching brand for the town aims to showcase the remarkable things that make Luton so special and help attract new business and investment.

Who’s driving this you ask? None other than our passionate ambassadors, each brimming with enthusiasm to put Luton on the map—locally, nationally, and even globally. With a heavy focus on improving the town’s reputation, the brand also seeks to bring new business, jobs and investment into Luton.

Step Forward Luton didn’t just come into existence – it bloomed from the genuine passion and collaboration of hundreds of local residents and businesses who engaged in research and focus groups to help develop the brand.

The campaign is initially being rolled out with social media and street dressing, banners and billboards – painting the town bright with positive messages and unique selling points.

Hannan Ali, one of our Step Forward Luton Ambassadors explains that the brand is all about raising the profile of the town and tackling some of those misconceptions about Luton.

“With the spotlight on the town right now, it’s Luton’s moment to shine. As a community, let’s come together and show the world what Luton is really about. Together, we can make a lasting impact and shape a vibrant future for everyone in Luton.”

Hannan Ali , Luton Ambassador

The new place brand, which has been developed using external funding secured via the government’s ‘Partnerships for People & Place’ funds, will promote all of the things that local people love about Luton, from cultural events and activities to the best places to eat, drink, shop and visit, including beautiful greenspaces and hidden gems throughout the town. The messaging will highlight the positive things happening in Luton and build excitement for the future, with over £5bn of investment that is beginning to transform the town.

“I’m tired of hearing people talk Luton down. Our town has so much going for it and the best part is – there is even more to come.”

Montell Neufville, Luton Ambassador

Our new website has been developed to promote all these positive things as well as showcasing Luton’s unique selling points for potential investors, such as location, connectivity and affordability. It also highlights opportunities for businesses to relocate to Luton into key successful business sectors along with new emerging clusters /sectors.

Get involved! We’re now inviting residents and visitors to participate in our exciting launch competition to win a signed and framed 2023/24 Luton Town Football Club shirt.

Entrants must take a selfie with the Step Forward Luton letters popping up at locations across the town and tell them what you love about Luton by tagging them on social media using #StepForwardLuton.  

For those interested in supporting Step Forward Luton, click here to find out more.

About the Author
Laura Redmond

Laura is a passionate supporter of the Step Forward Luton campaign and a Place Activation and Marketing Coordinator for Luton Council. Armed with a journalism degree and unwavering love for her university town, she often pens positive blogs that spotlights the best of Luton. From charity work to market management, Laura's professional journey has explored every corner of Luton. And when she's not busy being a marketing maven, she's out on a culinary adventure, unearthing the town's hidden foodie gems.